Announced 1938 as the New Order in East Asia, becoming the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere in 1940 and becoming formalised with the creation of the Greater East Asia Ministry in 1942 and the Great East Asia Conference in 1943.


Unified under Japanese control during World War II and the anti-European colonial revolts that followed, the united Asia stretches from the Pacific in the East to the Russian steppe in the West, from Siberia in the North to the borders of the Malay Peninsula in the South. It is the most populous region of the world.

Members of the Asian allianceEdit

  1. Japan
  2. Thailand
  3. China
  4. Manchuria
  5. Mongolia
  6. Korea
  7. Tibet
  8. Viet Nam
  9. Cambodia
  10. East Turkistan
  11. Russia
  12. Ningxia
  13. Tuva