Republica del Ecuador/Republic of the Equator





Head of State

Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Rio (1940-1944), Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra (from 1944)

Ruling Party

Partido Liberal Radical Ecuatoriano (1921-1944), Accion Revolucionaria Nacionalista Ecuatoriana (1944-1952), Federacion Nacional Velasquista (from 1952)


War with Peru from July 1941 leads to an increase in internal repression. Fears that President Arroyo was developing a police state in cooperation with his interior minister, the pro-Nazi former President Alberto Enriquez Gallo, lead to a coup which installs a more pro-US government in May 1944.

The coup leader, Velasco Ibarra was inspired by the Salvadorian Revolution, and in turn was a source of inspiration to the subsequent revolutions which led to the formation of the United States of Central America.

Velasco Ibarra's regime has engaged in some sabre-rattling against neighbouring Peru and has intervened in the Civil War in Colombia.