Rulers of all Egypt from 1805 under Ottoman Turkey and later Great Britain. The Muhammad Ali Dynasty, as the family is also known, is of Turkish and Albanian ethnic origin.

Members of the House of AlawiyyaEdit

  • Emperor Farouk I: reigned as King of Egypt from 1937 and subsequently as Pharoah of Egypt and Sudan. Farouk died in 1965.
  • Empress Irma: the last wife of Farouk, his marriage to an Italian contributed to a feeling that Egypt was becoming a dependency of Italy, as it had been of Turkey and Great Britain.
  • Emperor Fuad II: born in 1952. Fuad is unmarried and without issue.
  • Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim: regent for the infant Fuad.
  • Prince Abbas Hilmi: son of Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim and his Turkish wife, an Ottoman Princess, and potential heir to the throne of both Egypt and Sudan and Turkey.