Formerly the ruling house of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, thanks to the sponsorship of the House of Savoy of Italy, the Habsburgs have recalimed the throne of Hungary.

List of Members of the House of HabsburgEdit

  • Archduke Robert of Austria-Este: son of Karl, the last Emperor of Austria-Hungary. Married to Princess Margarita of the House of Savoy in 1953. Father of Emperor Lorinc I of Hungary
  • Emperor Lorinc I of Hungary, Lorenz of Austria-Este: born 1955, given the crown of Hungary in 1957. His father, the Archduke Robert rules as his Regent
  • Archduke Wilhelm of Austria, Vasyl Vyshyvanyi: a long-standing ally of Andriy Melnyk of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists and Alfred Rosenberg, the Chancellor of Germany
  • Maximilian von Gotzen-Iturbide: a descendent of both reigning Emperors of Mexico (the second emperor adopted the grandchildren of the first as his heirs), he claims the throne of Mexico for the Habsburg-Iturbide line