Dominion of Kenya





Head of State

His Imperial Majesty, the King-Emperor Edward VIII, of Great Britain and the Dominions beyond the Seas (from 1952)

Ruling Party

United Africa Society (from 1978)

Head of Government

Baron Delamere (1978-1979), Lord David Douglas Hamilton (1979-1980), Sir David Stirling (from 1980)


Also known as British East Africa, the territories, protectorates and mandates of the British Empire in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika), federated 1952. The prospect of Dominon status for East Africa was instantly mooted, but long-delayed.

With a far smaller White settler population than either South Africa or Rhodesia (British Central Africa), the achievement of Dominion status was somewhat reliant upon the partial enfranchisement of the region's Arab and Indian populations. Arabs were enfranchised in 1964, Indians in 1972.

Somali territory in the north of the Dominion attached to Italian East Africa. Relations between the local White populations of British East Africa and Italian East Africa are now extremely good. Sir David Stirling has encouraged collaboration between all White Africans through his United Africa Society and his support of the Eurafrika concept.