Ikh Mongol Uls/Great Mongolian Empire


3,000,000 (the majority belong to a Mongol ethnic group, such as the Khalka or Buryats, with Russian, Han and Japanese minorities)

Head of State

His Imperial Majesty, Yekhe Khagan Dechugdongrub (1933-1975), Yekhe Khagan Dugursulong (from 1975)

Ruling Party

Concordia Association of Mongolia/Mengkukuo Xiehehui (from 1936)

Head of Government

Li Shouxin (1942-1970), Ganjuurjab (from 1970)


Pro-Japanese Mongol state established 1936, attached to Reformed Government of China in 1940, then independence restored and expanded during Japan's invasion of Russia in 1941. The current Mongol state encompasses virtually all Mongol peoples, including the Tumed, Chahar, Ordos, Barga, Dorbod, Torguud, Dariganga, Uzemchin, Bayid, Khoton, Myngad, Eljigin, Zakhchin, Darkhad and Buryats. The closely related Tuvans, Khakas and Altai-Oirot people have their own separate state of Tuva, which neighbours Mongolia, the Japanese-supported Government of Russia and the far-eastern border of Germany.