Nezavisna Kraljevina Crna Gora/Independent Kingdom of Montenegro





Head of State

King Mavro I of Montenegro, Prince and Langrave of Hesse (from 1948)

Ruling Party

Crnogorski Seljacki Federalisticki Pokret (from 1941)

Head of Government

Sekula Drljevic (1941-1954), Savic Markovic Stedimlija (1954-1978), Milan Rakocevic (from 1978)


Montenegro established as an Italian protectorate after the collapse of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Prince Michael Petrovic-Njegos, heir to the throne of Montenegro and nephew of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, refused to become king of a puppet state. Instead, other options were explored, with the Italians eventually settling on Moritz, son of Prince Philip of Hesse, a prominant Nazi royal, and Princess Mafalda of Savoy, daughter of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and granddaughter of Nicolas I of Montenegro. Prince Philip headed a Regency Council until 1948, when the new Italian Emperor handed the throne to his son Moritz of Hesse (Mavro, in Montenegrin).

The upper echelons of the Montenegrin elite are divided between a pro-Croat 'Crvena' ('Red') faction around the foreign minister and later premier Savic Markovic Stedimilija, founder of the Croatian and Montenegrin Orthodox Churches, and a 'Zelenasa' ('Green') faction centred around Krsto Popovic, the war minister and Novica Radovic.

The 'Green' faction tends to be pragmatically pro-Italian, while ideologically favouring Montenegrin independence or a reunification of Serbia and Montenegro under Montenegrin leadership. Due to the Croatian annexation of region of Sandzak (or Sanjak of Novi Pazar), Serbia and Montenegro no longer share a border.