Domini Kerajaan Sarawak/Dominion Kingdom of Sarawak





Head of State

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Edward VIII (from 1953)

Ruling Party

Sarawak Anti-Cession Movement/Gerakan Anti-Penyerahan Sarawak

Head of Government

His Highness, the Rajah of Sarawak, King Vyner deWindt Brooke (1917-1946), King Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke (from 1946)


The White Rajahs of the Brooke dynasty have ruled the Malay kingdom of Sarawak since 1841, under the suzerainty of the British Empire. The Brooke dynasty is considered a model Aryan enterprise, ruling over a native population through a paternalist monarchy. Nominally tied to Great Britain as a protectorate, Sarawak is treated as a Dominion. The current Rajah, Anthony of Sarawak, assumed the throne of the abdication of his uncle, Vyner of Sarawak, with the backing of the Anti-Cession Movement. King Anthony has offered encouragement to Raymond Westerling who he believes could develop his own dynasty of White Rajahs in the Netherlands East Indies.

Sir Arthur Bryant, brother-in-law of the Rajah, became de facto premier after being replaced as Education Minister in Great Britain. He works in the administration alongside Monarchist natives such as Abang Haji Abdillah and Rosli Dhobi.