Statto della Citta del Vaticano





Head of State

Ambrogio Ratti, Papa Pio XI (1929-1939, Pope from 1922), Eugenio Pacelli, Papa Pio XII (1939-1958), Giuseppe Siri, Papa Gregorio XVII (from 1958)

Head of Government

Eugenio Pacelli (1930-1939), Luigi Maglione (1939-1944), Ludwig Kaas (1944-1952), Alois Luigi Hudal (1952-1963), Wouter Lutkie (1963-1968), Jean-Marie Gantois (1968-1979), Clemente Dominguez y Gomez (from 1979)


Formed as a state through the Lateran Pact with Italy in 1929, signed by Benito Mussolini, Duce of Italy and Pope Pius XI. His Secretary of State and sucessor as Pope Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli signed the Reichskonkordat with National Socialist Germany in 1933 and was generally considered to be extremely well-disposed to the New Order in Europe.

His successor, Pope Gregory XVII, distanced himself somewhat from the policies of Pius XII. He remains however on the right of the Church, allied with Cardinals Lebvre and Agagianian, and Vatican City remains very much subservient to the political masters of Europe, specifically Italy and Germany.

The position of Secretary of State has, since the death of Luigi Maglione in 1944 and the brief assumption of the position by the Pope himself, been held by Germany's nominee, always an Aryan Catholic, generally from Northern Europe (so far two Germans, two Dutchmen and a Spaniard). The current Secretary of State, the Spaniard Clemente Dominguez y Gomez, is regarded as a possible future pope (he would be the first non-Italian Pope since the death of the Dutch Pope Adrian VI in 1523). However being in his early 30s he is far too young to consider such a position.